The weather turned this week and it was a shock to the system. Last week I rode in shorts!

This week I had a 3 hour ride to do and didn’t have the mental strength to do this on my turbo and plus getting some day light is good for my brain so I had opted to ride outside.

However, it was 2 degrees and when it was time to go outside on my bike I was so cold I almost cried!

I very nearly turned quit but decided to try the 25% Rule. (Try 25% of the planned session and if you still feel crap then go home). I opted to ride for 30 minutes and gave myself permission to go home if I still felt cold at that point.  After 30 minutes I did start to feel a bit better and in the end managed to complete the ride with only a little bit of moaning.

But I did decide I needed some new items of kit.

  1. A new winter jacket that isn’t so baggy. My jacket is quite old so the material has worn out a bit and it’s become a little bit baggy. I decided it was worth trying a new jacket that was more fitted so would be less draughty and with a different material that might be more windproof.
  2. A cycling balaclava! I hate the draft down my neck, on my chin and face and finally decided a balaclava was the solution.
  3. Winter Cycling Shoes: At £150 these are on my wish list.

What are your favourite pieces of winter cycling kit?