Training has been happening over the last few months but it’s been a challenge!  First there’s lock down, then my husband’s cardiac arrest thing, and then of course I was injured.

Lots of those things are old news but it’s still been a struggle. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve put my kit on in the morning and then sat down to drink coffee and taken my kit off again at bedtime! Seriously!

So on top of that and bad winter of training due to other family things it’s been a struggle. And I don’t feel fit.  An FTP test at the beginning of lock down had me a whopping 50 watts off last year!

With lock down my business and work has had to change and develop. This takes up a lot of time developing new activities but also the routine and rhythm is different and does take a bit of getting used to particularly in terms of fitting training in.

Plus working from home the whole time has meant that at times I’ve been a bit of a workaholic and found it hard to stop working, switch off and do something different. Particularly as there are no natural breaks in the day when I go to the pool, or out to see a client or come home from coaching. But plus with no races to train for and some financial stress because of lock down it’s been easy to only focus on work and not prioritise my training.

Anyway I know training makes me feel better and for God’s sake I’ve got to get those 50 watts back. So this week I’ve made a concerted effort to get more organised about my work diary and fitting in my training. I’ve made an effort to make it all go green (completed) on Training Peaks. And I’m doing that thing – don’t think – just train! So no coffee, no faffing about, just get it done. And I’ve also made a date to train with some people and this has made a whole lot of difference. I got some pace and power records for 2020….so even though I haven’t got the 50 watts back I’m going in the right direction.

How’s your training going?