This week it’s all about the sunshine and taking a mental and physical break from training and life! I spent the week in Barcelona supporting friends and clients at the Ironman. So I had plenty of time to think about my own preparation for the Ironman for next year. Key things I learned are:

  • The swim was rough and a lot of athletes weren’t prepared for this. Check this video out.  If your race has a sea swim (regardless of how good the weather usually is) add some sea swimming (in lumpy conditions) to your training. (For next season I have this box ticked as I’ll be taking part in another 6 person English Channel relay, as well as entering the swim at Ironman Wales Long Course weekend).
  • Regardless of how good the weather conditions usually are – be prepared for all weathers!!! As an athlete and a supporter – this year it hacked it down with rain for the last few hours of the run.
  • I need to race more for next season so that I know exactly how fit I am and exactly what I can expect on race day.
  • Have a race plan so that you know exactly what you need to focus on in order to reach your goals.
  • For athletes finishing in the 14-17hour bracket it can be lonely and hard. It’s often getting dark, the spectators and athletes have thinned out and it requires a whole load of mental toughness to keep going.
  • Watching the run and noticing the poor posture and biomechanics of a lot of runners reminded me that I need to keep working on strength as well as good running mechanics.