This week was all about admin! And getting ready for the change of seasons, the dark nights…..and the turbo.

For me this involved tidying up my turbo room (aka the dumping ground of the attic), swapping my pedals, power meter and bikes around, downloading some decent music, dug out my ant-plus dongle and re-activated my Zwift account

I also invested in another one of these – a laptop stand thingy so that I’m not sharing with my better half and lined up my special turbo bottles ready to go.

These seem like small details but spending time on the turbo is never pleasant so it’s all about getting rid of the hassle factor.

It did take me a bit of time to get it all sorted out and set up but for me this is well invested admin time as it means I’m all set and ready to go when turbo time arrives. I need to make sure there’s no opportunity for excuses and absolutely no faffing!

Of course there’s also been the inevitable discussion about Smart Trainers and Direct Drive trainers – though I have so far resisted getting the credit card out.

What trainer are you currently using and what are your best tips for surviving a winter of turbo training?