Triathlon Training Camp - 2023

May 17th, 18th, 19th 2023

Triathlon Training Camp 

Do you have some triathlon goals for this year but feeling over whelmed by how much there is to learn?

Are you new to the sport and super excited with your training but feel like you need some help developing all the skills and fitness needed to reach your goals?

Do you have hundreds of questions but don’t know who to ask or who to listen to?

A Triathlon Training Camp could be just what you need to give your training a boost.

This is 3 days of sessions with a professional coach to help you learn everything you need to be successful in triathlon.

As well as all of the coached sessions it’ll be your chance to get all your questions answered and meet other like minded people.


What is a training camp?

A training camp is the opportunity to spend 3 days purely focussed on triathlon training and nothing else! It gives you the chance to learn some skills and do some training without being distracted by work and family.

The Training Camp will include multiple sessions a day to make the most of your time and having access to a coach.

This training camp will be mainly focussed on technique and skills so while there will be multiple sessions a day we won’t be working you until you drop.

This Training Camp will be run in a small group of only 3 people so you get lots of individual attention and coaching.

When and Where is it?

It takes place Wed 17th May to Friday 19th May

The training camp will be based from my swimming pool at YouCanCoaching just outside of Kenilworth.

The full address is 10th Street, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, CV8 2LG


What will we be doing? 

I’ll be teaching you good swimming technique in the swimming pool each day which will include video analysis above and below the water.

There will also have the chance to take these skills into open water with an adventure in the River Avon. This will give you the chance to learn about swimming in a wetsuit as well as skills such as swimming straight and open water siting.

Run sessions will be focussed on good running technique and will also include video analysis as well as drills and exercises to help you avoid injury and run more efficiently.

I’ll introduce you to the Warwickshire country side for some nice bike rides where we’ll look at using gears, cornering, riding hills and staying safe in traffic.

Who’s it for?

This triathlon training camp is aimed at people relatively new to triathlon who want to learn new skills and get fitter

It’s for adults who have already done some swimming, cycling and running.

You might have already taken part in a triathlon or have your first event booked for this season

You’ll need to be able to

  • swim a few lengths of front cawl non stop comfortably
  • be able to run for at least 30minutes non stop
  • own your own road bike which is in good working order and be able to ride for 60-90minutes non-stop

What’s Included?

  • Three two hour coached swim sessions in the endless pool.  These sessions are focussed on swim technique so won’t be a physical workout
  • Underwater and above water video analysis of your swimming as well as use of video in each swimming session
  • Resources to help your swimming after the training camp including drill videos, sessions plans, handouts and a guide to efficient swimming
  • One open water session which will include tips on swimming in a wetsuit and learning open water skills such as swimming straight and sighting
  • Two coached running technique sessions. These sessions are also not physically demanding and will be focussed on learning how to run with efficient movement and drills and skills to help avoid injury
  • Running video analysis
  • Handouts and sessions plans to help your running after the training camp
  • Two coached bike sessions looking at skills such as riding hills, descending, using gears and safe riding in traffic

Draft Programme

This is a draft programme for the training camp. We’ll be guided a little by the weather and the participants. 

Training Camp Sample Programme

How much does it cost? 

This Training Camp costs £350 per person

This is for all of your coached sessions.

Accommodation, food and transport are not included.

Triathlete on their time trial bike at Ironman Triathlon
Front Crawl Swimming
Exiting the open water swim in Triathlon
Triathlete exiting the swim in an Ironman Triathlon
Triathlete Learning Front Crawl Swimming
Coach Penny in her wetsuit, swim hat and goggles ready for Ironman Triathlon
Triathlete Learning Front Crawl Swimming
Triathlete Learning Front Crawl Swimming

Let's Chat

Whatever you goal or starting point my fun, practical and knowledgeable coaching style will help you learn everything you need to know to make your triathlon journey fun and successful. 

If you’re not sure this Training Camp is suitable for you and want to find out more get in touch or book a FREE 15min Let’s Chat.