I provide training programmes to help you reach your fitness and sporting goals, whether this is a competition, event or personal challenge.  I work with all types of athlete from first timer through to age group medal contender and across all distances. This could be to take part in your first triathlon, complete an Ironman Triathlon competition or qualify for the age group world championships.

I coach people taking part in single running, cycling and swimming events and examples include achieving a personal best time at a 10km run, completing the Comrades ultra distance marathon, swimming 10km or taking part in a multi day cycle tour.

Programmes start with initial planning to identify realistic goals, strengths and limiters, injury risks and technique and movement assessment.  All programmes include a “Performance Deficit Test” with strength and conditioning experts Peak Performance to identify areas of physical strength, weakness, movement dysfunction and risk of injury.

All programmes include long term planning over a 6-12 month period and are tailored to individual needs, goals and lifestyles. They can include heart rate training, using a power meter, strength and conditioning and cross training.  I do not give off the shelf programmes and I aim to have regular contact with each individual.

Programmes include detailed guidelines for day by day training activities and are delivered in blocks of two to four weeks depending on the programme. They are shared, recorded, tracked and analysed using Training Peaks, an online training diary and analysis software.

Coaching also includes a weekly review of your progress, telephone or skype support and regular meetings if you live locally. This allows us to review and adjust your training taking account of any injuries, illnesses, holidays, family and work commitments that crop up.

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