I raced at the Viridian Rugby Triathlon at the start of September 2019

This is the first pool sprint I’ve taken part in for about 13 years and it made a very refreshing change from my obsession with long distance events organising by events companies such as Ironman.

This was a great event and I had a lot fun.  Here’s a few of my experiences to share.

This is a super friendly event organised by Ruby Triathlon Club. It’s a great event for first timers or nervous triathletes but also makes a super event for a group of friends or club mates.

It’s a pool swim held at Daventry Leisure Centre and takes place in early September. This means the weather is still relatively warm and avoids the stress of open water and faff with a wetsuit.

The car parking is FREE!!!! And there are even marshals in the car park to help and give directions. Just beware if you have your bikes on the roof one of the car parks is a multi-storey and one has a barrier.

Allow plenty of time because it’s a 5-10minute walk from one of the car parks. And beware of the glass as you walk through the subway – I got a puncture on the way back after the race.

It’s super friendly with more marshals than I’ve ever seen in a race!!!

The marshals were amazing and super positive. Counting lengths, holding my glasses on poolside and looked after a pair while I was racing.  Plus you get two lengths to go warning. So if you need help ask!

Tumble turns aren’t allowed and the edges of the pool are super high so I struggled to find something to grab onto for a touch turn – in the end I used a lane rope, I’ve no idea what anyone else did.

As a relatively fast swimmer I had a late start and had no problems with congestion in my lane but I know some people who started earlier did find it a bit of a challenge. All part of the fun of a pool sprint but worth being aware of.

The sides of the pool are super high – and it did take me two attempts to get out the pool. If there’s any chance you won’t get out then carefully duck under the lane ropes to use the steps.

If you write your name on your number all the marshals give you a shout out by name!

It’s usually a good tip to know a bit about the bike course so that you don’t go the wrong way. Although the marshals on the bike course were excellent a few people did make a wrong turn and I was a little confused myself on the first roundabout (I admit I was very badly prepared)

The bike course has a few little hills in it but otherwise is pretty flat and fast.

The run course is lovely! Nice and flat, through the woods and by the lake. Be careful of members of the public out for a Sunday stroll.

There’s a bit of an evil hill just before the finishing straight and a set of steps so be prepared.

There are prizes for all the age groups and a team prize.

It’s a super friendly event which is very well supported and organised by volunteers from Rugby Triathlon Club.