Virtual Swim Coaching

Learn Front Crawl - Remotely Via Video Call

Virtual Front Crawl Six Week Course

Are you trying to swim front crawl but getting out of breath really quickly? Have you already had some lessons but now you’re frustrated with your progress.

Perhaps you can feel something is wrong and know you need some help from an expert but there isn’t a coach nearby.  If you have a busy life and complicated working hours so getting to a course or workshop nearby can be complicated.

Have you heard of Total Immersion and intuitively it feels like it would be right for you but the nearest coach is miles away.

Of course swimming is a practical skills so face to face swimming lessons in a swimming pool would be best. But if that’s not a possible for then Virtual Swim Coaching is the next best thing and it’s totally possible to make great progress with virtual coaching.

How it works

This is a Virtual Swim Coaching programme to help you learn front crawl and improve your stroke. It’s designed for people who want to learn but don’t have a swim coach nearby.

It’s a course of 6 lessons which take place in a video call via Zoom. I will teach you everything you need to know about front crawl swimming over 6 personalised lessons.  I’ll teach you skills and swimming drills which you then go and practice on your own in the swimming pool.

The course takes place over 6 or 12weeks depending on your availability and how often you can practice. I’ll also be giving you lots of video resources, practice plans and information to help your learning and pool practices and keep you accountable.

Video analysis of your own stroke is included which we will talk through during your lessons.

Who’s it for?

  • Adults who want to learn front crawl but don’t live near a coach
  • Anyone who can already swim and is comfortable in the water and wants to learn a new stroke
  • Wild swimmers who use breast stroke and want to learn front crawl
  • Anyone who wants to take part in triathlon for the first time and would like to swim front crawl
  • Swimmers and triathletes who can already do some strokes of front crawl but want to feel better in the water
  • Adults of all abilities who can swim already but want to learn front crawl for the first time or improve their existing stroke

What’s Included?

  • Six personalised one-to-one lessons,  60-90min long in Zoom.
  • Lessons are scheduled weekly or fortnightly
  • Flexible bookings and scheduling around your availability
  • All the theory of swimming and principles of moving in water
  • Learning all the drills with dry land rehearsals together in Zoom
  • Videos of all the drills to keep and learn from
  • Video analysis of your own swimming throughout the course.
  • Access to all your videos and resources via an easy to use app called CoachNow
  • A FREE Training Peaks account to keep you accountable and track your progress
  • 3 swim practices/sample session plans per week for you to follow and give me feedback about what you’ve done.
  • Opportunity to ask all your swimming questions
  • Cost £300
Front Crawl Swimmer
Front Crawl Swimming
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Learn Front Crawl Swimming
Triathlete Learning Front Crawl Swimming
Breast stroke swimmer learning front crawl
Total Immersion swimmer at one-to-one swimming lessons
Learn Front Crawl Swimming

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Whatever you goal or starting point my fun, practical and knowledgeable coaching style will help you discover how to improve your swimming.

If you’re not sure if Virtual Coaching is suitable for you and want to find out more get in touch or book a FREE 15min Let’s Chat.