This is a list of things that I’ve used and bought over the last 12 months or are things that are on my wish list. I’m not sponsored by any of these retailers and I’ve bought and paid for all of these products.

Gift Vouchers with YouCanCoaching

Did you know I offer gift vouchers? Vouchers can be used against any of my coaching services. Here’s a few ideas that make fabulous presents.

Stroke Correction:  For any triathlete or swimmer wanting to get faster and more efficient nothing can beat a full video analysis above and below the water from an experienced coach. Vouchers could be used for one-to-one lessons or any of courses and workshops which all include video analysis.

Running Technique Coaching: Love running but always injured? Or perhaps you just want to be more efficient and run faster? Then get in touch for a movement screening, video analysis and a block of lessons to teach you to run better than you ever thought you could. Email for more information.

Training Review: If you or your family member has signed up for a big event next year, how about asking a coach to review your current training to find out what you could do to improve. This is a great way to get a taster of triathlon coaching and to discover how a coach could help you without having to sign up to monthly fees. From £60.

Things to Read


Training Peaks Premium Account: An online training diary and data analysis tool is really useful for any serious triathlete especially those who love data. From $90.

Best Bike Split is for the serious cyclist and triathlete who races and trains with a power meter. It uses maths, physics, power data, course information and race day conditions to predict race performances and create a race plan.

Fuel the Core is a new online nutrition planning tool that will help you to plan your race day nutrition. Its based on current research and best practice and uses your tolerance, preference and weather conditions to put together your plan.

Coalition Performance are strength and conditioning experts currently helping me and a few of my clients to build strength and conditioning to overcome injuries and be stronger, faster and more robust triathletes. A session with these guys is one of the highlights of my week.


Dive Slate is a useful swimming tool and alternative to waterproof paper. I use it for writing sets, making notes or recording your stroke counts and observations while  swimming.

Effortless Endurance Self Coaching Course: This is a manual and series of videos broken down into lessons to help teach yourself front crawl. It is a great accompaniment to any lessons and most of our courses and workshops follow the content and progression found in this download. Use the code coachpennywilkin for a 10% discount. From $50

Fresh Freestyle: This is a great book of Total Immersion swimming practices written some very experience Total Immersion Coaches.


Turbo Trainer: Indoor trainers have progressed significantly in the last few years, so a smart trainer with watts is a must have tool for any keen cyclist or triathlete. We have a Bkool Smart Trainer which has revolutionised Paul’s training. Several of my clients have recently bought a Tack Flux direct drive trainer which is also on my shopping list because its quieter than a standard turbo and gives a more realistic pedalling motion.

Sufferfest is my current favourite indoor training platform. A fabulous sense of humour, yoga, strength training and mental training as well as a wide range of workouts to suffer through.

Waterproof Gloves: For winter cycling outdoors it’s always a challenge to keep hands and feet warm. We love all Seal Skins products especially these water proof gloves.  On our wish list is a pair of these Heated Gloves!

Balaclava – yep! This is toasty!

Winter Jacket: I recently bought this windproof jacket which is a great price and much warmer than my old one.


Headphones are a must have item for any athlete that likes some motivating music to work out to. And now that I’ve got back to running I’ve treated myself and upgraded to a wireless and Bluetooth pair for less hassle.

Race number magnets: instead of using safety pins which make holes in your top try these magnets.

The Running Show: tickets to the running show in January.

What have been your favourite presents this year and what’s on your wish list?