Triathlon Coaching

Season Planning

To get the best out of your training it is essential to have a structured and progressive plan that helps to build fitness, includes periods of recovery and takes into account lifestyle factors such as holidays and work commitments. Identifying goals, key milestones and planning races appropriately are all key ingredients to getting the best out of your training. In this 60min consultation we will work with you to outline an appropriate season plan and overview to give structure to your next season’s training.

Cost: One-to-one: £40 or Small Group £20

Ironman Readiness Check

If you’ve dreamed of doing an Ironman but not sure if you’re ready to make the next step up then this 90min consultation will be perfect for you. During this 60min consultation we will look at your training history, athletic profile and current fitness to work out how much training you would need to do to get to the finish. We will talk about your strengths and weaknesses and identify what would hold you back including lifestyle factors such as work, travelling and family commitments.

Cost: £40

Using Training Zones

If you have a training device such as a Garmin, heart rate monitor, Power metre or smart turbo/indoor trainer but don’t know how to set and use training zones then you’re missing out on a highly effective way of training. This service will work with you to set some training zones in one sport and will also teach you how to use them.

Cost: £30

Training Review

This is a 90min consultation to review your current fitness and training patterns over the last 6 months. We will talk about what type of training you need to do to reach your goals and review your strengths and limiters to see how you need to progress your training to get fitter. You will finish the consultation with a road map for the next 12 weeks, and some key priorities to focus your training.

Cost: £60