Bad Weather Alternatives for Cycling

I’ve got a long 3-4hrs ride in my plan but the weather is terrible.  It’s either been below zero with a lot of ice and a heavy frost or foggy.  I don’t mind a little bit of cold but I won’t risk the ice. The thought of spinning easy for hours on my turbo brings me out in a cold sweat. But the training has to get done so here are some suggestions of what you could do instead. 

Is an obsessive mind set holding you back?

Discipline, structure and routine are important ingredients of training for a triathlon, running race or swimming event. It also helps to be a bit obsessive! Without being obsessive I’d never have made it to a 5 mile run never mind an Ironman. It’s the obsession that...

What’s your motivation?

Throughout the summer all races got cancelled because of the co-vid 19 pandemic. Lots of my clients and friends really struggled to motivate themselves without an event to train for. To start with this didn’t really affect me because I’m absolutely clear about my motivation and I don’t just train because of an event.